Make Every Dial Count

When you don’t leave a voicemail, you allow prospects to ignore you. Don’t let them off the hook. Avoid these 10 mistakes and leave a voicemail that piques their interest. Entice them to take your call.

Top 10 Prospecting Voicemail Don'ts

Top 10 Prospecting Voicemail Don'ts

Prospects won’t realize how you can help solve their business problems if they don’t talk to you. But over 70% of prospecting calls go unanswered. That puts a lot of pressure on what you say in your message. Get it wrong and you won’t get a meeting.

This guide identifies where you may be making mistakes, so you can leave effective voicemails.

Grab your copy. Entice prospects to take your call. Set more appointments.


  • How to follow-up - including the number of attempts you should make with each prospect
  • When to share your contact info - and how many times to share it
  • Key points to mention - plus what to drop from your voicemails

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